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Roxy's Coaching

Fear and Phobia Coaching, Mountain Bike Coaching + Mental Training

Would you like to bring your motivation in harmony with your goals...? Would you like to become more resilient? Would you like to "forget" an accident, trauma or phobia?

Would you like to work on your skills from your home? Would you like to get rid of feeling stressed, overwhelmed or ridden by anxiety...?

In a coaching with Roxy you can conquer your fears and phobias, become a safer rider and achieve mental strength. And you will learn to motivate and/or soothe yourself to reach your ultimate goals.

All used methods rely on neuroscientifically and scientifically proven techniques, modern sports psychology, neuroathletics and neurolinguistics and will take you to a whole new level!

All coachings can take place online (via video-chat) or in person in Mallorca. Or (as soon as the Corona Crisis is over...) you can invite Roxy to come coach wherever you want :-)


Roxy's Qualifications


  • Graduate Sports Mental Trainer (Dipl. Sport-Mental-Trainer BILDAK in cooperation with the University of Vienna + Red Bull Academy Salzburg)
  • Certified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (TMI)
  • Certified Hypnotist (TMI)
  • Bike Instructor Certification Program Level 3 Certified Advanced Skills Instructor
  • International Instructor Trainer for the BICP
  • DIMB-Certified Skills Instructor (FT1, FT2 and 2 x FT3 certificates in jumping and cornering). 
  • Neurolinguistic Programming NLP Online Seminar
  • Several training courses in sports psychology, fear coaching, fast phobia cure, energy medicine, accupressure, communication, neuroathletics, motor learning and biomechanics.
  • And she visits further training courses YEARLY - because for her, stagnation is regression.

How does an Online Coaching work?

Which Fears can be resolved?

How much is it?

↑↑ Watch the video above to get the answers ↑↑


More Skills more Fun on your Mountain Bike with Mental and Skill Coaching

Coaching Goals and Topics

  • Reducing Fears
  • Phobia Cure
  • Stress Relief
  • Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs
  • Mental Techniques for Mental Strength
  • Higher Focus Levels
  • Safer Riding
  • and more...
  • To achieve: More Fun!

Channels and Contact  

Roxy shares inspirational videos on her YouTube channel and #TeachableTuesday clips and more on her Instagram Page. To book a coaching or inquire, send her an email, a text or call her (Mon - Fri 5 pm - 7 pm MET).

Roxy's Ride and Inspire Channel

Roxy's Instagram Page with Skills Tipps


Phone/Text: 0034 626 725 350